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"Connecting great minds with great organizations"

Company Profile

Canadian Pay & Benefits Consulting Group Inc.
Toronto, Canada


Since 1992, Canadian Pay & Benefits Consulting Group has offered a hands-on approach to the development and implementation of pay systems, human resources programs, strategies, communications, training, policies and statutory compliance with labour laws and standards, such as Pay Equity. We design and implement solutions to corporate challenges. Our work is based on current market trends and regulatory requirements, and is further supported by the most up-to-date market research. At the same time, we recognize that each organization has unique needs, and we tailor our services to individual organizational circumstances.

We provide "How-to" Workshops and publish Human Resources magazine to enrich the knowledge and effectiveness of human resources management teams. Our organization is recognized as an industry thought leader.

We have extensive experience in the following areas:.


Development and implementation of compensation and benefits programs with focus on incentive plans linking business performance and individual rewards, job analysis, salary surveys, internal equity, and job evaluation plans. Our compensation work has encompassed all levels of the organization from the conveyor line and unionized workforce to the C-suite.

Policy Development

Formulate all human resources and organizational policies supporting compensation systems, corporate strategies and business objectives, ensuring continuous organizational viability.

Organizational Development

Leadership and expert guidance to the senior management in the area of aligning organizational structure and HR strategies to meet the demanding needs of the business and changing marketplace. Our results always ensure that the organization moves in step with the changing marketplace and proactively positions itself to continuously attract and retain top talent.

Workshops and Seminars

Providing knowledge-based training, seminars, workshops and conferences designed to maximize knowledge, performance and professional growth, helping improve the organization's overall performance and bottom line. As knowledge leaders, we help organizations advance in leading changing marketplace.

Performance Management

Development and implementation of performance management programs, including policies, objective setting, coaching management to effectively provide employee performance feedback, and link individual performance to corporate success. Organizations have highly engaged employees when the latter are clear as to what they are expected to accomplish, have a clear path to achieving their goals, and are part of a culture where performance management is a way of life.

Strategic Planning

Providing services in the area of Strategic Planning process development and implementation. We help leadership teams be aligned across shared goals of strategic imperatives.

Market Research

Assisting in special projects, providing in-house interim and permanent human resources services.

Board of Directors Compensation

Designing compensation models, including Stock Options, for Boards of Directors.

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